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In the Long Run

If your faith is weak God will help You will be strong in the long run. If you are a fake insincere in heart Even God cannot help in the long run. Father, thank You for my brothers and sisters. Before the world began, You created each one of us, for with You there is...

Experience Power and Blessing: Watchman Nee’s Book in Review

I urge you to read the book Release of the Spirit by Watchman Nee. It’s one of those books it is good to read again and again. There are many reasons why it is such an important book for our walk with Christ; but one of the more important truths in the book is that...

Divine Embrace

The wonder of the rugged log stained with blood of the God-Man transcends time and space like none other in history. There on the cross He stretched out His arms of love and grace of divine embrace for the lost and damned sinners like us. He, the divine love, invites...

Destined to Reign with Christ

I first read the small paperback version of Paul Billheimer’s book Destined for the Throne in my early days of serving God. It has impacted me so deeply ever since then in my thinking and understanding of the Scriptures. One of the concepts he explains so well in the...

Sharing God’s Heart for the Poor and Helpless

One of the common dilemmas we face in our world is that we can see and hear without actually seeing or hearing. It’s like a husband reading his newspaper, clueless that his wife is desperately struggling with some problem and trying to get his attention. It is only...

Who I Am

Who I Am What I am What I am not Things I have Things I have not My gifts My limitations My strengths My weaknesses I accept humbly now who I am in God’s plan. No more no less Content I am in His love. Read more of Dr. KP Yohannan’s poems in his book Dance Not for...

With Christ, There Is Hope for a Brighter Tomorrow

One of the struggles we sometimes face as followers of Christ is seeing where we want to be in our walk with God in contrast with where we currently find ourselves. When we look back over this year, this month or even just today, we often have regrets. We resolve to...

Will You Be Christmas to Those Around You?

Have you ever tried to explain Christmas to a 3-year-old? I have. No matter how I tried to explain it, the little child asked the same question, “When is Santa coming with my gifts?” Even as adults, although we don’t ask for Santa Clause, we still associate Christmas...

Bob Mayo: Faithfully Did Everything Our Lord Set Before Him

Death is a strange thing. I heard someone say once we cannot comprehend death because we were made for eternity. This week the staff at Gospel for Asia are mourning the loss of a dear brother, friend and co-laborer, Bob Mayo. After suffering with chest pains off and...


Revolution in World Missions

Step into the story of missionary statesman Dr. KP Yohannan and experience the world through his eyes—from the villages of India to the shores of Europe and North America. Watch out: His passion is contagious!

With fascinating true stories and eye-opening statistics, you’ll be challenged to examine and change your lifestyle in view of millions who have never heard the Gospel.

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