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There is More to Life Than You Ever Thought

There Is More There is more to life than you ever thought Thinking “this is the end” is not truly so You are not alone in this big world It is full of hurting people who need your help. There is a rich man, dying alone. A mother who has lost her child grieves alone. A...

Don’t Try & Pay for Your Past – Jesus Already Did That

Sometimes the worry and care that we carry has to do with sins from our past. We can think over and over again about them, and that burden we carry just gets heavier. But we need to remind ourselves that the sins from our past are not just covered, they are judged,...

Make a Choice to Cast Your Worries on the Lord

When we are faced with problems—a lack of resources, a misunderstanding or some health problem—we have a choice. We can either give in and react through worrying and anguish or we can pray and ask other people to pray for us and leave the whole mess and all the...

One-Minute Thought for the Day: ​Rest in Him

When we face difficulties and are tempted to worry, it is our choice as to how we will respond. I’ve been learning and relearning this. Like I shared the other day, we can worry and be anxious, or we can remember that God is working. He loves us and we can trust Him...

One-Minute Thought for the Day: Living Lives of Victory

You can see what someone lives for and who a person is internally by the way he or she responds to problems and difficulties. Only when the storm comes, the rain falls and the earth shakes do we learn the true character of the person. When circumstances become adverse...

Enable Me

Enable me, Jesus, to build faith for someone to give hope to the hopeless to create confidence to generate enthusiasm to spread peace to turn dreams to reality to turn problems into opportunities to lift up the fallen to bind up the hurting to say a kind word to let...

Jesus Came to Be Love to a Broken & Hurting World

I once heard about a man who was adamantly against me and all I stood for. Though we had never met, I decided to seek him out and ask if he would join me for tea. I was glad when he agreed and soon the two of us were sitting together in a public place talking. As we...


Revolution in World Missions

Step into the story of missionary statesman Dr. KP Yohannan and experience the world through his eyes—from the villages of India to the shores of Europe and North America. Watch out: His passion is contagious!

With fascinating true stories and eye-opening statistics, you’ll be challenged to examine and change your lifestyle in view of millions who have never heard the Gospel.

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