Adam and Eve - KP Yohannan - Gospel for AsiaGod
Eternity past
Time when there was no time
Stood on nothing
For there was nothing to stand on.

He spoke words
Words that only He knew what it meant.
“Let there be.”

Out of nothing
With nothing
All things came into being.

Oceans filled with fish
Trees and forests of birds, bees, insects.

All creatures.

And God said,
“It is good.”

Time began.
Everything existed.

His heart longed
For someone
To love.

He thought.
Talked to Himself:
“That’s it. Let’s do it.”

Stood on dust
Bent down
Handful of mud
With loving hands
As a potter with his clay
Gently molded
A copy of Himself.
With mud.


Blew into his nose
Breath of life
Mud became man.
Man with soul
Free to love
To choose.

“Just like Me,”
God said.

No one said a word.
So, He said it again:
“It is good.”

“You searched all over to find a friend.
Did you find one?”

“No, God.”

“All right.
Come near.
Don’t be afraid.”

Feel so very tired
“Close your eyes for just a moment.”
Heavy, deep sleep.

One rib
Took it in His hand
Spoke the word.

Wonder of wonders
Standing before him
Most beautiful
No comparison.

Adam and Eve.

“Now you are
Husband and wife.
Love him.
Love her.
Love forever.”

Hand in hand
They walked away.
God stood still
Smiled and said:

“It is good.”

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