Sometime back, a friend shared with me some of his burdens. One after another he talked about discouragements and failures that seemed to have gotten the best of him. I listened prayerfully, asking the Lord to help me understand what he was going through. I sensed the Lord asking me if I would represent the compassionate, caring, restoring person of Jesus in my words to this man.

After listening for a long time, I shared my heart and laid my hands on him and prayed. Right after he left my room, the words, You be my Jesus,” came to my mind. I realized how we all need that physical touch of someone who will be the ministry of Jesus to us.

The following is the poem I wrote from that encounter:

You Be My Jesus - KP Yohannan - Gospel for AsiaThe night is darker than the darkest night
not a star in the sky.
Cruel storm howls in distance
creating piercing silence.
Non-stop downpour.
It seems this night is forever.
My lamp is empty
only left the smoking wick
hurting my eyes
forcing me to shut them in the dark.
Is there anyone who cares
to understand
to say a kind word
to lend a helping hand?
Yes, I know Jesus cares
Jesus understands.
But I don’t see Him
can’t touch Him
Where is He?
Till I find Him
Please stay with me
Please take my hand
It is so dark
I am all alone.
By: KP Yohannan