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I stand here in amazement, realizing how unbelievable it is that God chose to use someone like me to impact the world. The book I wrote more than thirty years ago, now has more than 4 million copies in print. This shocks me!

A Simple Book is Impacting the World

Revolution in World Missions has impacted millions of people around the world. Just recently I was reminded that around 100 ministries were started as a result of reading my book.

As a shy, little boy in India, the Lord spoke to me and expanded my understanding and heart for the world around me. The Lord already loved the people in Burma, Sri Lanka, India, China and around the world, but I didn’t yet fully grasp what that meant. As my journey through the subcontinent continued, so did my journey with the Lord and I began to learn how to follow His heart.

God loves us all, and we must also love everyone enough to pay any price to take His love to the world. We have so many examples of those who have paved the way for us. It was Adoniram Judson who brought hope to millions who had none in Burma and the neighboring nations, and he lived a perpetual life of suffering to do so. It was Christ’s love that compelled him, and it is the same for us.

More Than I Ever Thought Possible…Through a Book

It was following God’s heart that brought me to the Western nations to study in a Bible college, pastor a local church and eventually start the mission organization, Gospel for Asia. I always enjoyed writing down my thoughts and have even written some poetry over the years, but the writing of Revolution in World Missions turned me into an author–something I never dreamed. Becoming an author and eventually being considered a mission leader was instrumental in Gospel for Asia experiencing the growth it has to date. Thousands of wells are now being drilled each year in Asia and more than 80,000 children are receiving education and a daily meal.

I’m grateful to those who have taken time to read this book and the radical changes that have taken place in their lives as a result. One reader responded after reading my book, “Th[i]s is a MUST read for anyone who wants God’s heart for the world!” I’m glad for the part God has allowed me to play in the life of this person and others around the world.

I’m constantly amazed what God will do with a life that’s surrendered to Him and a heart that wants to follow after Him. Gospel for Asia and myself want everyone to get a copy of my book, so we’re offering it for free to anyone who wants it. Just go to and order your free copy of Revolution in World Missions, I pray it truly is a blessing to you.


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