There Is More

There is more to life than you ever thought
Thinking “this is the end” is not truly so
You are not alone in this big world
It is full of hurting people who need your help.

There is a rich man, dying alone.
A mother who has lost her child grieves alone.
A wife who has a drunk for a husband weeps alone.
A child who lost his parents walks alone.

There is More to Life Than You Ever Thought - KP Yohannan - Gospel for AsiaIt is in giving that our needs are met.
Weep for others and you shall find joy
Touch someone to live again
Your life is too short to sit alone.

Look at what you have, if you will
Legs to walk, hands to work
Eyes to see beauty and ears to hear
Someone who loves you more than you know.

Think of the blind man who stumbles and falls
The deaf who can’t hear the sounds of love
The cripple who begs on the side of the road
The millions who cry for a touch of love.

Lift up your eyes and look away
From your world that is so tiny and small
Hear their cries—and please walk with me
Let us give our lives that they may live.


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