Have you ever read a child’s prayer or heard a child praying? Every week at Gospel for Asia’s Tuesday prayer meeting, there’s a segment where my wife or one of the other staff members shares prayer requests with the staff children. When these little ones pray, they’re not looking for huge words or trying to impress anybody. They don’t think through complex theology when they’re deciding what to ask God. They just ask Him what’s on their heart. Their prayers are so simple and straightforward; there is an innocence about them. I like hearing children pray.

I Like Hearing Children Pray - KP Yohannan - Gospel for Asia

When we first come to Christ, we often experience this same freshness and childlike simplicity in our relationship with God. But when we become educated” and “experienced” in our faith, we can easily lose that innocence. We think we have grown up now and have forgotten how to stand speechless, weeping in His presence. We become self-conscious of others around us. Raising our hands, gazing upward, kneelingwe no longer do these things freely as a response of adoration to the Lord, we stop and think about how it will come across to those around us.

As we go about this journey of walking with the Lord, our understanding may evolve. We may not have the same emotions we had in the beginning or the tears that so easily flow. But regardless of where we are at in the moment, we can keep going back to seeking to know Him and trust Him with simple, childlike faith.

Continue to stand in wonder - KP Yohannan - Gospel for Asia

Let us continue to stand in wonder and be amazed at this God who is, and was and ever will be.


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