I first read the small paperback version of Paul Billheimer’s book Destined for the Throne in my early days of serving God. It has impacted me so deeply ever since then in my thinking and understanding of the Scriptures.

One of the concepts he explains so well in the book is this mystery that God chooses to have us as co-laborers with Him to execute His plan and purposes here on earth. It talks about how there is a single purpose behind God creating the universe and everything in it: that He could find a Bride for His Son.

God is not confined to time and space like we humans are. We read in Scripture about “the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world” (Revelation 13:8). The saints of the Old Testament looked forward to the Lamb that would be sacrificed, and we look backward. But the focal point of everything is the cross.

Through pouring out His own blood on the cross, Jesus redeemed for Himself a people who could become His Bride and co-rulers with Him. Can you imagine that? We are destined to reign forever with Him! And even now, Christ has left us here as His Body on earth. We are His agents, or proxies, to do His bidding. As the Church, we have been given the power and authority to execute God’s will here on earth—and this is done through prayer.

Focal point of everything is the Cross - KP Yohannan - Gospel for Asia

Billheimer really drives this home throughout the book. He writes: “Checks used by some business firms require the signatures of two individuals to make them valid. One signature is not enough, both parties must sign. This illustrates God’s method of operating through the prayers and faith of His people. His promises are His checks signed in His own blood. His part was fully completed at Calvary. But no promise is made good until a redeemed man enters the throne room of the universe and, by prayer and faith, writes his name beside God’s. Then, and not until then, are the check’s resources released. It is like a safety deposit box in the bank vault. The keeper has a key and you have a key. Neither key alone will open the box. But when you give the keeper your key, she inserts both keys and the door flies open, making available all of the treasure stored in the box.”

We have been given the incredible privilege to be co-laborers with Christ here on earth. And that is only the beginning. This world is not the end of the story but the training ground for what is to come!


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