Walking Alone - KP Yohannan - Gospel for Asia

You have to be lonely
With only God to talk to—
The joy of a communion,
Of an eagle and high skies.

You may have questions—
Unlike the eagle flying high
Of social commitments of man’s nature:
Your hunger and thirst for spirit and matter.

Let your high points only be
A venture into God’s arena,
Where only He works through you,
And the will of God is done.

Abraham made a choice alone,
Samuel listened only to His voice,
David like a king always alone,
Moses alone, God’s first choice.

To do an impossible task
That men may remember;
That leaves a proof well read;
That God walked once on the earth.

Yes, God walked through these people,
Caleb claimed Canaan at last,
Daniel didn’t bow down his head,
He stood for God even if he died.

They were lonely, they were alone,
They were always on the higher road,
Over mountains of impossibilities,
And being ever filled by the Holy Spirit.

Remember Mary was alone in her mercy,
John the voice crying out in the wilderness,
Jesus alone on the mountain top,
In agony, in prayer, in pain.

Enoch, Elijah, Elisha, Gideon,
Men of faith only could walk alone,
Jesus the beginner and perfecter of faith—
Toward Thee I’ll walk alone.


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