He Chose Calvary to Redeem Me - KP Yohannan - Gospel for AsiaCreator became creation
Holiness became sin
Innocent pronounced guilty
Life-giver killed by sin and hate

Trinity was broken
Father forsakes His Son
His friends ran away
Left all alone to suffer

Bloody and wounded
His back plowed over
Flesh from His body torn
Blood pouring out

Fairest among 10,000
Disfigured from abuse
Human, He no more looked
My Savior and Lord

The cross was heavy
Fell He along the way
He chose Calvary
To redeem me from sin

I stood by the cross
Looked into His bloody face
He looked at me
With love so tender full of grace

I understood then
He took my place
To make me His
I am no more my own . . .

K.P. Yohannan. “The Cross.” Dance Not for Time. GFA Books, 2013, pp. 245-246.


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