The Love of the Sparrow Touched My Heart - KP Yohannan - Gospel for Asia

That evening

I was playing
with my children
in front of our house
in our yard
under the tree.
Sparrows were chirping—
we looked up
and saw their nest
up in the tree.
There she sat,
two tiny birds
under her wings.

That night

no star in the sky—
darkness reigned
from its throne.
A storm roared through
trees shook
branches fell.
The sky grew angry
clapped its hands
lightning shot out
thunder growled.
Clouds burst open
and began to weep
in a great downpour—
no letting up.

Next morning

The rain had stopped
the sun rose.
I went out
to look for the birds.
Soaking wet
she sat in the nest
two tiny heads
peeking through her wing.
Was she sleeping?
“Oh, no,” I thought.
“She can’t be dead, can she?”
Yes, she died in the rain.
She could have escaped, but
for the love of her children,
she gathered them under her wings
to save their lives.

The love of the sparrow
touched my heart.
How much greater
is the love of God!
Christ died
in our place
that we might live.


K.P. Yohannan. “Sparrow.” Dance Not for Time. GFA Books, 2013, pp. 228-230.


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