Final Words: A poem by Dr. KP Yohannan about our final words in life - Gospel for Asia

So many came
to say their last good-byes
for he had friends
from all walks of life.

I stood with the rest
by the grave
the casket was lowered
and wailing broke out.

A preacher in a black suit
talked to the man
in the casket
who couldn’t hear:

“You who were made
out of the dust
return to the dust
until the last day.”

Sounds of mourning
the crowd slowly dispersed
each one lost in his own sorrow.

I was alone
going back home
asked a few questions
to my own mind:

“What happened
to the deed to his house
to the keys to his car
to his wallet with money
to his deposits in the bank
to his shares and bonds
to the checkbook with his name
to the pen that he owned?”

Naked he came
Alone he came
into this world
alone did he return . . .

and so will you.

KP Yohannan. “Final Words.” Dance Not for Time. GFA Books, 2013, pp. 208-209.

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